Green Fire Jewels,

A small family owned business with a BIG passion for quality Jewelry and Gemstones. 

Here at Green Fire Jewels we believe in providing our customers with unique & quality jewelry.

From our 925 sterling silver collection, gemstone pendants, earrings and rings, hand carved pounamu and jade, or natural or polished, genuine gemstones. 

Green Fire Jewels started in 2013, when Business entrepreneur Julie Nash decided to leave her full time job, and make and sell Jewellery instead! And wow has she come a long way!

Travelling ALL over the North Island of Aotearoa, and most of the South Island! Julie has attended 100's of market days and festivals, often living in style in her quirky house truck!

Green Fire Jewels is a family business, consisting of Julie, her partner Tony, and three children.

Together, we collect, cut, carve and create gemstone jewelry out of our own native New Zealand rocks and minerals.

Finding and collecting rocks, minerals, fossils, artifacts and gemstones from New Zealand and around the world is something we love (especially Julie! She is rock MAD!).

What can't be made in our own workshop is sourced from around the globe, and we pride ourselves over our wide range of 925 sterling silver, brass, copper and gemstone jewelry and figurines., and specialize in symbols of all kinds.  Including: animal, cultural, mythological, religious, geometric, sacred & cosmic.

If you can not find something on out website, head over to our contact page to get in touch.

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and please contact us if you are looking for a specific gemstone or symbol as we may have it but are still uploading our extensive range to our website.


Julie, Tony, Tora, Niko & Lia